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Get answers to some of the common interior design-related questions that we hear from our Melbourne clients.

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What are the chances of starting my project early?

Our current lead time is 3-6 weeks. It is absolutely imperative that we limit the number of projects we take on at one time. Your experience is very important to us, as is the final result. Too many projects at once essentially guarantees no project is receiving the attention it deserves. We recognize a waitlist can be frustrating, but please know we only uphold this policy in an effort to ensure your experience and result are aligned with the standards and reputation MG Interiors is known for! Good things take time, and your home is the most important investment you can make. We promise the end result will be worth the wait, and your patience will pay off in a major way!

Do you offer free consultations?

No, our Introductory Consultation is a paid design service. This appointment is 1-2 hours with three members of our design team. We approach each project as a collaborative effort because we believe multiple sets of eyes on a project yields the best result. Our designers spend this time meeting you, assessing each space, learning about your specific style, how you and your family plan to utilize each area, discussing our process, and sharing our initial design ideas. It’s a thorough and in-depth appointment that allows you to determine if we are a good fit for your project, and vice versa. If for some reason it is not a good fit (this is rare!) you would at the very least have some of our ideas to execute yourself.

How long does this process take?

You will find that our team has a clear vision and a decisive demeanor, so generally, the project timeline for our interior design service just comes down to lead times on any furniture and decor we order, as well as materials and remodeling work. It is important to note that the client plays an important role in how quickly a project is executed. Without your approval of proposed designs, regular communication, etc. a project could face delays. Upon project commencement, we establish reoccurring weekly calls with you to ensure the project.

How much is this going to cost?

Outside of the interior design service fee, what we spend is up to you, of course! Obviously, the greater the budget, the more opportunity we have to make improvements. However, we approach our projects as if we are shopping with our own wallet, so we dedicate time to finding what we believe to be the best value. We also believe there are some elements that are worth investing in and others in which we can save you money. For example, a new sofa is not typically a place to cut financial corners because it will be used every day for years and years. Quality is crucial! But throw pillows, rugs, and other decorative items (that are easy to switch out) don’t need to be expensive. Ultimately, when you share your budget, we will tell you which items we think should be prioritized.

Do I have to pay for a full room package even if I just need help with one or two things?

Absolutely not! We offer a variety of services at multiple prices points. If you need help with only one or two elements, we recommend checking out our Hourly Consulting service instead of a full room design!

My living room and dining room are in one room. Does this count as one room, or two?

Modern floor plans are relatively open, especially here in Florida. To determine what counts as a room, consider whether or not you needed to purchase an individual furniture set for the space. If you have an open concept with a breakfast nook, living room, and formal dining room all within the same line of sight, that would count as 3 individual rooms when it comes to our design packages.

What about rooms with no furniture? Or smaller spaces like my laundry room?

This depends on many design hours we estimate will be necessary to improve the aesthetic (remodeling vs. re-accessorizing) and is normally discussed during your consultation. A full bathroom remodel is going to be a lot more time-consuming than just re-accessorizing. Generally speaking, smaller spaces like foyers and laundry rooms are significantly less expensive than a full room redesign.

Will you recommend contractors or do I find my own?

It is your choice! We have an arsenal of wonderful trades that we regularly work with because of their attention to detail, craftmanship, fair prices, and professionalism. But you are not required to work with them. If you have your own painter, electrician, general contractor, etc., we would be happy to work alongside them! Please note: If you’re interviewing contractors for your own remodel and they claim to work with or for MG Interiors, please reach out to confirm this. We are always happy to provide an honest reference.

Does your design fee include the furniture or accessories?

No, all renovation, furnishing, and accessory costs are incurred by the client. We assess cost by using a flat-rate pricing model. Your flat-rate investment covers. Measurement collection, customized Style Quiz, Design concept board, contractor recommendations, final design board, renderings, floorplans, or elevations, direct correspondence with your design professional, weekly touch base balls, regular site checks, styling day.

Will you send me what to order, or do I send you what I like and you approve it?

The best part of hiring an interior designer (aside from their ability to prevent costly mistakes and guarantee a stunning result!) is their ability to reduce decision fatigue! Our integrative software allows us to build a design concept for you that includes multiple options for each element. Your job will be to approve or veto the selections!

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